Get support to evolve and energize your business in response to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has left many Canadian businesses scrambling to meet the new needs of their customers. Our Recovery Activation Program will help you harness technology to evolve and energize your business so you can thrive in the new normal.

Thanks to partnership with the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario, the Toronto Region Board of Trade can offer this program to all businesses across Ontario for free.

To get started, you just need to take your Digital Needs Assessment (DNA).

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About the Program

The Recovery Activation Program (RAP) is a no cost, immersive series of highly practical online programs that are designed to help you identify areas to modernize your business so that you can confidently take on all the challenges that are thrown at you in the wake of COVID-19, such as managing your workforce virtually, finding new customers without going to a tradeshow, and managing disrupted supply chains – just to name a few.

In three steps – taking a Digital Needs Assessment, engaging in virtual sessions, and working with industry leading experts to plan your digital transformation – you will be on your way to new growth and opportunities.

Take your first step toward digital transformation by completing your DNA today.

Program Details

RAP will take you through three steps of online exercises and sessions, with the goal of helping your company thrive in a changed business landscape.

You will complete a comprehensive Digital Needs Assessment, to identify core competencies/gaps in the digital capacity of your business. It is helpful to get input from other people in your organization, to paint an accurate picture.

Our program experts will reach out and determine the appropriate program streams designed to help you take the next step in your restructure based on the current stage of your digital maturity.

You will attend engaging virtual presentations and workshops led by RAP partners and industry experts to help you plan your digital transformation.

Eligibility Requirements

RAP’s cost is sponsored, and supports firms of any size across Ontario. If you’re thinking of applying to the program, your business should meet the following criteria:

  • Verified revenue streams

  • Scalable business model

  • Established product-market fit

  • Key needs around digital connectivity

  • Ambition to undergo a digital transformation

Don’t miss your chance to build for the future

Based on your digital maturity, our program experts will contact you to discuss which of our four programs will be most useful to help you take the next step in your digital transformation.

Take your DNA

Build your digital transformation plan

Once you have completed your Digital Needs Assessment, your score will be shared with a member of our RAP team who will work with you to identify which of our four programs can immediately help your business take the next steps toward digital transformation.

The learning framework for each of the programs within the Recovery Activation Program is built around five key pillars:

The Recovery Activation Program offers you unprecedented access to engage with industry leaders, and build your personalized plan to digitally grow your business.

A strong digital approach can help all businesses operate better, create new opportunities, and support future growth. RAP ensures that you feel confident that you are approaching your digital transformation the right way.

Let us help your business thrive.

Take your DNA
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The Recovery Activation Program is made possible with thanks to
the Government of Canada and Government of Ontario

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