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Start your journey with RAP and gain access to resources and support programs to help with your business’ recovery.

Access a content library
of recovery materials

Deep dive into key topics for small and medium businesses with the RAP Webcast Series. Each topic is presented by industry experts, and allows you to focus on areas in which you may need additional support.

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Participate in workshops, training and mentorship to support your business’ transformation.

Based on your digital maturity, our program experts will contact you to discuss which programs will be most useful to help you take the next step in your digital transformation.

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Digital Blueprint Program

Five immersive half-day workshops will be run over six weeks in a series of engaging virtual presentations by industry experts, followed by dedicated coaching and mentorship sessions that are designed to help you build your personalized Digital Transformation Blueprint.

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Digital Certificate Program

Tailored modules will focus on key topics for SMEs to help you upskill in specific areas. Topics for these half-day workshops include cybersecurity, digital marketing, how to remotely manage a team, and everything in between.

Digital Modernization

How to use technology to transform internal processes and find new customers.

Technology Infrastructure

How digital capacity, back-end hardware or risk-management techniques can help improve your business with a more efficient supply chain.

Structural and Regulatory Alignment

How to build your restructure in accordance with the law.

Digital Restructure Financing

What you need to expand your network to find mentors, investors, or resources to help your new approach.

Marketing and Sales

How data-driven marketing and/or sales insights can guide your business forward.

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RAP has been developed to help you continue to grow and build with the experts at the Scale-Up Institute Toronto.

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Our next no-cost webcast is on:

Digital Strategies to Transform your Marketing Decisions

October 6th, 2021 11:00AM – 11:45AM (Eastern Standard Time)

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This project is generously funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

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RAP is tangible support to help your business thrive.

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