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The World Trade Centre Toronto’s (WTC-T) Market Activation Program (MAP) is an experiential program offering outbound trade missions and trade education for Canadian businesses seeking commercial opportunities and unfettered access to international markets. The program prepares companies to understand markets, tackle trade challenges, and activate sales internationally. MAP is strategically guided by the WTC-T’s Opportunity Knocks report, a provincial internationalization strategy focused on Ontario SMEs. 

The MAP Formula: A Three-Layer Approach

MAP offers SMEs the opportunity to build and refine their export strategy focusing on a specific market and product. We partner with the best-in-class subject matter experts to offer the most complete experience. Three pillars guide the program:

    1. Market Education: Understand the market, identify the opportunity, and how to take advantage of it.
    2. Activation Workshop: This workshop is an interactive program that sets pre-market entry objectives for SMEs, and guides them in their preparation to enter a specific market; from logistics and financing to sales and business etiquette.
    3. In-Market Business Development: The MAP team takes you to your target market – virtually and/or in person. These missions are focused on business development. You and your team will receive highly curated B2B programming, networking opportunities, and will join key trade shows.

What Missions Achieve

MAP programs work on trade-readiness and bring Canadian businesses together with partners in global markets to take your products and services overseas.

Provincial Strategy

Opportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks presents a foundational policy lens into the untapped trade opportunities available to Ontario’s SMEs. It outlines how several high-potential sectors within the province are well-positioned to benefit from shifting global trade and demand trends, as well as to leverage Ontario’s and Canada’s exceptional brand. Read the report to learn about the opportunities that await your business.

Partnerships that Produce Report – The World Trade Centre’s report, Partnerships that Produce: Best Practices for International Metropolitan Partnerships, builds on the Priority Export Markets Report by examining how the City of Toronto, along with metropolitan-based institutions can better forge and strengthen economic and cultural links with counterparts across the globe through time-bound, measurable and achievable collaboration agreements. In November 2019, our first partnership agreement was signed with the Government of Catalonia, and we accordingly look forward to driving bilateral trade and investment opportunities via our City Technology Exchange Program (CTEP).

Priority Export Markets Report – While developing WTC-T‘s programming, it became clear more data on priority sectors was needed to determine the best markets to export or expand business via the curation of out- and in-bound missions. Supported by JPMorgan Chase and the City of Toronto, the Priority Export Markets Report marks the first policy publication for the WTC-T. This report represents the foundation for MAP – a strategic blueprint guiding our core activities and equipping our region’s SMEs with the knowledge they need to seize market opportunities beyond our borders.

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