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The WORLD TRADE CENTRE TORONTO INSTITUTE gives organizations and individuals access to the full spectrum of skills and knowledge required for a company to become proficient exporters on a global scale. From international contract law to cultural gap bridging to financial hedging, participants can select the specific courses they need to fill their knowledge gaps while building international connections and networks in the process.

All Institute courses are delivered by recognized experts of international trade practices and designed to provide practical expertise and specialized knowledge in the intricacies of international trade. The courses are hands-on, extremely interactive and based on real-life challenges and examples: they include case studies, group exercise, specialized content and challenging role situations which engage participants in real-life simulation exercises.

Typically, Institute courses are offered for half days or full days.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: In order to support preventative measures regarding the spread of COVID-19, we postponed our April 15, 2020 event, Cross-Border e-Commerce Essentials.

Your ticket and seat will be honoured, and we will keep you updated as to when this event will be rescheduled.

For information or assistance, contact Francis Guo at
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To be rescheduled: Cross-Border e-Commerce Essentials

Join us for a one-day, hands-on, highly practical training course with industry experts, focused on leveraging cross-border e-commerce to maximize customer reach with a focus on the Chinese market. Learn about industry best practices, common business risks and solutions, and gain key insights to develop your cross-border e-commerce strategy and sell internationally.

For information or assistance, contact Francis Guo at

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