Trade is more critical than ever to the success of Canadian businesses and the country. For too long, businesses have under-leveraged the opportunities provided by the country’s global network of trade agreements. In fact, according to AIMIA’s 100 Global Champions Report (2016) only five per cent of export-viable companies are actually trading globally.

The Toronto Region Board of Trade’s 2020 Vision is to make Toronto one of the most competitive and sought-after business regions in the world. Focusing on three strategic pillars−trade, transportation and talent−is how the Board plans to realize its vision.

The World Trade Centre Toronto (WTC-T) is the Board’s trade services arm. As a member of the World Trade Centers Association, WTC-T creates unparalleled global access for the Toronto region’s business community with its connection to 326 branded properties and trade services associations in 89 countries. WTC-T provides targeted international trade advisory services and expertise through comprehensive research, trade education, strategy building workshops, outbound and inbound trade missions and valuable connections to experts and networks.

Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)
Market Activation Program (MAP)
Scale-Up Institute Toronto